We offer the most effective lesson materials under a comprehensive scheme of work while taught with flexibility by the best teachers to achieve maximum learning benefits.

We recognise that every child learns best at his/her own pace.
We understand that every child is bound to miss lessons due to busy schedule/medical reasons.
We insist that every child should have the most comprehensive learning experience and not miss out on anything.
We believe that every child should learn with effective materials and work towards a clear objective.


Tuition Lessons Conducted In Modules


Students will be required to be well-accomplished in one module before moving on to the next module. Modules are taught in sequence. A student can complete more than one module per lesson. Students will attend lessons jointly with another 3-4 students, each concentrating in their specific module.


What are the benefits?

  • Your child can focus on his/her weaknesses only instead of wasting time on areas which he/she are already good at
  • Flexibility of arranging extra lessons to speed up the rate of improvement!
  • Replacement lessons can be easily arranged if your child misses any lesson
  • Enjoy the benefits of a personalized learning experience of one-to-one tuition with the quality of a tuition centre

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After-School Day Boarding


We provide after-school guardianship for primary school students. We aim to build the character of a student from ground up to be an active learner with a good attitude by inculcating the essential values and good habits for effective learning. In this way, your child can be confident in handling every aspect of school.


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