Crash Courses


We offer various flexible crash course in preparation for major examinations. Instead of missing a course date or finding that a certain course schedule does not fit your timing, Students can now attend crash courses at their own flexible time with our modular approach.

Crash Courses Offered:

  • Mathodology - PSLE Mathematics Crash Course
  • PSLE English
  • PSLE Science
  • O'levels E-Mathematics
  • O'levels A-Mathematics

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Mathodology - PSLE Preparation Course


Good News! This is the perfect course for your child! These problem sums are not as difficult as you think. There is a way to solve these problems.

Mathodology - PSLE Preparation Course

Suitable for all students in Primary 6 and preparing for PSLE, this course encompasses the common scenarios and concepts into a clear framework. Your child can look to use this framework to approach the problem sums with confidence and solve them with ease.

Even better news! All these ultra-effective methods and framework is now condensed into a one-week course (15 hours). Your child can now take the opportunity of the June holidays to prepare for PSLE in the best possible way.

Many of my students have already benefited from the course. 13 of my 15 students for PSLE 2014 have scored A or A*. 6 of my 10 students for PSLE 2015 scored A or A* while the remaining 4 managed to improve tremendously to achieve Bs. Failing students who have attended the course have seen a marked improvement within a short period of time after using the methods and framework.

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How are lessons conducted?

  • 5 lessons (3 hours each) will be conducted on flexible dates.
  • You child will receive a set of exclusive materials covering different sections.
  • Students will be required spend an extra 1 hour (maximum) per day to complete assigned homework to practice the application of what was covered in class.

Course Dates


From 2016 onwards, this course is now conducted in modules to ensure time flexibility for attendees and encourage attendees to start reaping the benefits of the course as early as the end of P5.


Course Prerequisite

  • Basic Understanding of Fractions, Ratios and Percentage
  • Understand and able to add/subtract/multiply/divide

Note: This course will not include topics circles, speed and nets will not be covered in the course. A later course will be conducted to cover these topics.


Course Fees: 928


Limited Slots Available. Sign Up now! Call us at (+65) 9009 9602.

This is a ONE-TIME only promotion due to the course being held at a new location. Normal one-to-One fees for this course is at $1500. Do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.