We liken learning Mathematics to building a sky scrapper - any missing pieces might not cause an immediate collapse but will affect the overall stability of the building. Further attempt to build any higher will cause a collapse unless the missing pieces are filled.


This is what most students are experiencing with Math. At some point in their academic life, they are bound to miss certain parts (for whatever reasons). Most might start to encounter some weaknesses which they leave unattended. This results in a "Collapse". Learning becomes extremely difficult in these cases and this is when results start to fall.

What is the Solution?


With our experience and expertise, we are able to identify the missing fundamentals of the problem and weaknesses of the student. With the flexibility of our modular lesson structure, we are then able to cater to the weakness and needs with effective materials. With the "missing pieces" filled, students can then scale greater heights!

Our methods and frameworks have been delivering results for many years. Failing students who have come to us have started passing or even scoring "B"s and "A"s within 3-6 months.


Fees Structure

Level Fees per 4 Lessons(2 hours each)
Primary 1 to Primary 4 $320
Primary 5 to Primary 6 $360
Lower Secondary $360
Upper Secondary $400
Additional Math $440 (2hrs Lesson)

Call us at (+65) 9009 9602 for any enquiries.