It is common for students to face challenges picking out key science terms and grasping science concepts required to score for science examinations leading up to PSLE. Insufficient materials may also lead to students not fully understanding the science theories and explanation of certain real world phenomena.

What is the Solution?


Under our guidance, students will be able to independently spot key ideas and required terms when attempting science questions rather than memorizing the textbook word for word. After familiarization and full understanding of key science concepts and theories, students will be introduced to application questions to solve real life science problems. They will learn to spot questions and apply the knowledge they have learnt, using key terms to score during their science examinations.

Our science methods and frameworks have been delivering results for many years. Most of our students are able to improve at least one grade after 1-2 academic terms.


Fees Structure

Level Fees per 4 Lessons(2 hours each)
Primary 1 to Primary 4 $320
Primary 5 to Primary 6 $360
Lower Secondary $360
Upper Secondary $400
Additional Math $440 (2hrs Lesson)

Call us at (+65) 9009 9602 for any enquiries.