In English, our lessons offer flexibility. We are good at Creative Writing, Oral and English Paper 2. Focus can be placed on your child's weaker aspects before proceeding to overall improvement. The different aspects of English and methods that our lessons cover are Suitable for All Primary & Secondary Levels and geared for academic success:

Creative Writing

Starting from Composition Structuring, your child will learn about the different parts of a composition and their importance. He/she will then learn about the different Composition Inspiration Strategies. This will be followed by the teaching of usage of creative phrases and sentences. Students who have good grammar foundation can see themselves writing a brilliant composition in no time.

English Paper 2

Your Child will be taught the Techniques in Cloze Passages, Synthesis/Transformation and Comprehension. Instead of just plain blind practicing, Your Child will know the methods, the tricks and the techniques to do well in each section. Practicing will be to master these techniques.

Your Child will also be put into Exam Practice to simulate exam constraints and stress while still exercising the techniques taught.


Stimulus-based Conversation needs to be structured in a proper format and a good posture is one of the important Public Speaking Techniques for Your Child to do well in Oral. Your Child will be frequently put through Exam Practice to simulate exam constraints and stress while learning to think critically to excel in conversations.


Fees Structure

Level Fees per 4 Lessons(2 hours each)
Primary 1 to Primary 4 $320
Primary 5 to Primary 6 $360
Lower Secondary $360
Upper Secondary $400

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