For PSLE 2014, 13 out of my 15 students scored an A*/A. For PSLE 2015, 6 of my 10 students scored A or A* while the remaining 4 managed to improve tremendously to achieve Bs.

Disclaimer: This is not a page to boast about my achievements or to sell my services. I hope that it testifies for the effectiveness of my methods and gives confidence to parents to trust and believe these methods and teachings that have tremendously helped so many students over the years. Your belief will help your child to learn more effectively.


I also sincerely thank parents who appreciates my efforts and contributions towards their child's success. I would not have been able to do it if you have not entrusted me to!


PSLE Results and Testimonials




"Before Mr Lim came to teach Clarence in P6, Clarence had 3 tutors (each of them resigned after 2 months without a proper reason) and 2 group tuitions (complaints that he did not focus in class) in P5. Mr Lim is a very patient teacher. He is able to engage Clarence into doing his work. Clarence was getting the lowest mark in class (for P4 & P5) for GEP English. After coaching, Clarence is no longer the one with the lowest mark in class. His English and his focus in the subject has improved after Mr Lim's coaching."
- Clarence's Mother
Having tuition with Mr. Deven Lim has helped Clarence to achieve A* for his English. He scored 255 in total for his PSLE in 2011 with another A* for Mathematics and two As for Science and Chinese.




"Mr Lim is a great teacher with a gentle and yet useful way of teaching. He taught me great and inspiring skills to tackle my weaknesses in english. These skills helped me even in my current secondary school life. I only have him to thank for helping me."
- Isaac
Isaac finally managed to achieve A for his PSLE English despite his soft-spoken nature working against him in areas such as composition and oral.




"Mr Deven Lim taught me both Math and English when I was in Primary 6. After my Pimary 5 end-year-examinations, my future looked gloomy as I had scored badly for my Math. My parents eventually engaged Mr Deven Lim to be my tutor. Over a short period of time, Mr Lim did the unthinkable of re-building my Math foundation from scratch as he felt that I was focusing too much on complex problem solving. In short, I was lost."
"He implemented clear methods and problem solving frameworks to help me to regain my footing in Math. Eventhough My English was slightly better than my Math, Mr Deven Lim gave me occassional tests to keep me on my toes. I eventually scored As for both subject and entered Temasek Secondary School. I would not be where I am today if not for Mr Deven Lim."
- Jonathan
Jonathan scored A for both his English and Math. He was lost due to his massive potential and eagerness. Helping him to control his thoughts and to put in a sustained concientious effort was integral to him fulfilling his full potential.




"It is a pleasure to write a few lines for Deven Lim, my daughter's Mathematics tutor for Primary 6. Math was my daughter's weaker subject, averaging low Bs in school. I was glad that she managed to score an A for her PSLE Math. I believe that Deven had helped in overcoming some of her difficulties in the subject. He was able to quickly size up her problem areas and work diligently for improvements."
- Mr Lee (Father of Rachel)
Rachel is a bright student but was struggling with her Math while aceing other subjects. Typical of a student who scores badly for Paper 2 problem sums, Mr Deven Lim's problem solving framework helped her to have a more direct approach in problem solving. She scored an A after 10 months under Mr Deven Lim, a great improvement from a borderline pass.




"My son has been tutored by Deven for the last 3 years. Deven is a patient and understanding tutor. He has helped Aloysius understand Maths and made it enjoyable. Last year, he got an A for his PSLE Math. He is now in Victoria School"
- Joycelyn Thng (Mother of Aloysius)
Aloysius is a great example to all students. His efforts to learn ahead of school syllabus during school holidays while concientiously revise what he had learned helped him to stay comfortably in the high A and A* band. Although he scored A, he certainly did not miss by much. Well done!


Jun Feng


"I came to know of Mr Deven Lim from my colleague who highly recommended him when his son scored A for his PSLE English during 2012 PSLE. He told me he had changed a few English tutors and found Mr Deven Lim to be proven good."
"Mr Deven Lim has his own method of coaching and is highly commited to his job. I am aware that my son is smart and bright but, as usual, indulges in online games and is lazy to do homework. He even received a scolding from Deven for not doing his tuition homework. Deven played with the 90 min per week lesson to help my son improve his English. My son score an A for PSLE English."
- Father of Jun Feng
Coming from a chinese-speaking family, Jun Feng was initially fearful of writing a composition and speaking up. He was not expressive of his thoughts and views. Techniques such as "Writing a Composition = Creating a Movie" and implementing a composition structure helped to engage him and get him interested in composition writing as he slowly saw the results of his labour. It was intensely satisfying when, during a lesson, he said that his favourite lesson activity was composition writing! He certainly overcame his fears and was able to consistently score 30+/40 for his compositions, improving from a low 20s score. This also set the tone for improvements in his other areas. Keep it up Jun Feng!