After-School Day Boarding


We provide after-school guardianship for primary school students.
We aim to build the character of a student from ground up to be an active learner with a good attitude by inculcating the essential values and good habits for effective learning.
In this way, your child can be confident in handling every aspect of learning.


What do we do?


We offer a comfortable and homely after-school environment for your child until 7 p.m.

Our Teachers take charge of a class of only 12 students from the same academic level and oversee all aspects of their learning

Students go through our effective in-house curriculum that:

  • Prepares them for what they will learn in school; and
  • Supplements what they had learned in school.

On top of all these, our teachers plan extra activities to inculcate good values and habits in our students while also incorporating fun elements in these activities.


How Are We Different?


We have taken a big step up from the usual after-school programmes at school-based/private student care centres. Our After-School Day Boarding Programme encompasses all aspects of our students' learning - eliminating the need for tuition or enrichment that takes away valuable family time.

  • Low Teacher-Student Ratio (1 teacher to just 12 students) - Most student care centres have a ratio of 1 teacher to 20 students or more. Teachers are extremely stretched and the attention they can offer is limited. On the other hand, We only allow 1 of our dedicated teachers to focus on a maximum of 12 students to provide an immersive learning experience where your child will never be left out.
  • Class dedicated for just a single primary level - We ensure that learning is effective so that our students' energy is channelled into the right areas. They also get the individualised help they need. In this way, our students are kept motivated as they see that their efforts yield direct results.
  • Qualified, Experienced & Dedicated Teachers - Our teachers are highly educated, holding at least a degree or MOE certification. Together with the wealth of teaching experience, our students have the perfect "go-to" person for help in their studies or even life advice.
  • In-house Curriculum in line with the latest school syllabus - We know the MOE syllabus inside-out to design our curriculum to complement what is taught in school.
  • Geared towards character development of your child to be an active learner with good values and good habits.
  • In-house Chinese Enrichment that integrates the language into the lifestyle of our students.

What can you see in your child over time?


Our students become more responsible and independent over time. An improvement in results will then follow. In the long run, our students display confidence and exceptional ability in their studies while remaining happy and cheerful because they are not burdened or overloaded with extra work and endless tuition.


After-School Schedule


1.30pm - School Dismissal and Travel to Boarding House
1.45pm - Lunch & Shower & Nap(optional)
3.00pm - Homework and Revision Support
4.30pm - Tea Break
5.00pm - Enrichment Lesson
6.00pm - Games and Play Time
7.00pm - Heading Home


Call us at (+65) 9009 9602 for any enquiries.